Federal Courts Speak And Makes A Statement Regarding Marijuana!

At a hearing last month, US District Court Judge Kimberly Mueller announced she would uphold the right of Congress to specify the process by which illicit drugs should be scheduled in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of 1970. The judge promised she would write a full opinion, which has just been released: UNITED STATES OF…
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New App Available To Help Parents Talk About Dangers Of Alcohol With Kids

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reminds parents that it’s never too early to talk to your kids about the dangers of underage drinking. They found that parents have a significant influence on whether their kids drink. SAMHSA also found that children start experimenting with alcohol earlier than many parents realize: 10…
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Marketing Of Marijuana

Wanted to share this Letter to the Editor in the New York Times from today (May 5, 2015): To the Editor: Re “The Perils of Smokeless Tobacco” (editorial, April 23) and “It’s Time to Regulate E-Cigarettes,” by David A. Kessler and Matthew L. Myers (Op-Ed, April 23): We applaud your editorial and Op-Ed essay for…
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May 2015 Community Spotlight Ad On Q102.5 – KQIC

  Click the link  above to listen to this months radio ad! This month, May 2015 we were agained honored as the Community Spotlight Ad recipient on Q102.5 FM radio.  Thank you so much to West Central Sanitation and Lakeland Broadcasting, Inc.  Laura Daak, DFC Coordinator narrated this month’s ad giving parents a prevention message on not providing…
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41 percent of teens used before age 15

Marijuana Talk Kit- Get Yours Downloaded For FREE Today!

What you need to know to talk with your teen about marijuana Between marijuana legalization, the normalization in pop culture and new ways of using (edibles, vaporizers, concentrates), it’s becoming more complicated for parents to talk to their teens. So where do you start? And what should you say? The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is…
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