Kandiyohi County Tobacco Free County Fair Proposal

August 10, 11, 12 & 13, 2011


Last night, at the June 6th Kandiyohi County Fair Board Meeting, the Kandiyohi County Drug Free Communities (DFC) Coalition, the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) and the Students Working against Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (SWAT) requested that the Fair Board consider a Tobacco Free County Fair Policy.  Those who presented the request at the meeting were Laura Lindeman, DFC Coalition Grant Coordinator; Bobbi Jo Berg, SHIP Coordinator; Carmen Clementson, Family Services Supervisor and Lilbon Clark, Kandiyohi County Probation.  All are members of the KC DFC Coalition and came to show support for the proposal.  Laura Lindeman gave each of the Fair Board members a folder which included the three organizations request, an example of a Tobacco Free County Fair Policy and an example of what one of the Tobacco Free signs could look like.


Tobacco Free Kandiyohi County Fairgrounds Policy Proposal Request by:

Tobacco free events promote clean air, a natural environment and encourage engagement in
healthy activities.  As members of the Kandiyohi County Drug Free Communities (DFC) Coalition, Students Working
against Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (SWAT) and the Kandiyohi County’s Statewide Health
Improvement Program (SHIP) are asking the Kandiyohi County Fair Board to
adopt a county fair tobacco free policy for the following reasons:

Prohibiting tobacco use serves to protect the health, safety and welfare of ALL fairgoers.
Tobacco products are often discarded on the event grounds harming the environment and
requiring additional maintenance.  They
also diminish the beauty of the grounds and pose the risk of ingestion to
toddlers and livestock.
Tobacco in the form of Cigarettes and Cigars Pose a
Fire hazard to Livestock.
Prohibiting tobacco will reduce the risk of a fire in
the barns where the livestock are housed.
Secondhand smoke harms everyone. Secondhand smoke is a human carcinogen for which
there is no safe level of exposure. Exposure to secondhand smoke has immediate
health consequences such as asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases.
Secondhand smoke is harmful in outdoor settings. According to Repace
, secondhand smoke levels in outdoor public places can reach
levels as high as those found in indoor facilities where smoking is permitted.
Tobacco-free policies help change community norms. Tobacco-free policies establish the community norm
that tobacco use is not a healthy behavior for young people or adults.
Most Minnesotans support tobacco-free park and
recreation policies.
A 2004 University of Minnesota survey found that 70% of Minnesota residents support tobacco-free park and recreation
areas. In addition, 66% of golfers and 73% of families with children support
these policies.


Tobacco Free Event Policy

Tobacco use (in any form i.e. cigarettes, chew, snus, pipes, cigars, etc.) is prohibited
during the duration of the Kandiyohi County Fair except in designated areas.  Designated areas include:

  • parking lots
  • grandstand pit areas
  • the carnival camping area

This tobacco policy applies to all employees, volunteers, independent contractors and members of the general public
while attending the Kandiyohi County Fair.

Compliance Plan

  • “Tobacco Free” signs
    shall be posted at all entrances notifying fairgoers of the tobacco free fair
    grounds policy.
  • “Designated
    Tobacco Use” signs will be posted where tobacco use is allowed (parking lots,
    grandstand pit area, and the carnival camping area).
  • Signage will be provided by Kandiyohi County DFC Coalition.
  • The community, especially event attendees, volunteers and staff, will be notified about this
    policy through varies media outreach methods which include, but is not limited
    to: newspaper advertisement, letters to the editor, fairground announcements
    and verbal reminders during the four day county fair.
  • The Fair board will be responsible for enforcing the policy.
  • Any person found violating this policy will be asked to refrain from tobacco use or face
    immediate removal from the fair grounds and re-admittance will not be allowed
    that day.


This policy is effective on August 10, 2011, which is the first day of the 2011 Kandiyohi County Fair.



Here is the example of the sign that could be placed within the grounds of the fairgrounds.