Tobacco Tax Increases By $1.60 Per Pack!

Raise it for Health campaign was a great success this year. Through the work of over 30 leading health organizations and a remarkable grassroots network, we were able to successfully increase the price of tobacco in our state.

Starting today, the tax on a pack of cigarettes will increase by $1.60 bringing the average cost per pack up to $7.50.

This is a great day for health in Minnesota! We know that raising the price of tobacco by this amount will help 36,600 current smokers quit and prevent 47,700 kids from ever becoming addicted adults. Making this win for health even better is the fact that we know according to a recent Star Tribune poll that the majority of Minnesotans, 64 percent, support the tobacco tax increase.

In addition to raising the tax on a pack of cigarettes, the new law closes the loophole on so-called little cigars and taxes them as what they really are, cigarettes. It also raises the tax on other tobacco products such as chew and cigarillos. Click here to check out the rest of this infographic (and like it too!) for more information about what the tobacco tax includes.

As smokers see the increased cost of cigarettes in stores this week, research shows that many of them will become motivated to quit. We are ready for them and eager to help. Free cessation services are available to all Minnesotans through QUITPLAN Services. If you know of someone looking to quit, encourage them to visit or call 888-354-PLAN (7526).

The tax increase that starts today will make our state, our communities and our kids healthier.